Rules of the Challenge

Rules, who likes rules? Rules are unavoidable but we try to keep things simple.

Transportation between parks is solely up to the challenger.  Challengers are asked to only use options available to all guests.

    • No Skip the line privileges
    • No Club Level access of any kind
    • No Club 33 special edition access of any kind
    • No VIP Tour Guides
    • No Family/Friends holding your place in line 
    • No purchasing extra tickets to gain additional Lightning Lane options.
    • No “No Strings Attached” redemption certificates
    • No paper guest recovery access that may be given to you as guest recovery
    • No violating any park rule.

Disability Access Service return times are not available to everyone, but we have created a separate scoring board because we do not want to exclude anyone from participating,

    • Yes, you may use Lightning Lane passes that turn into Multi Experiences on any ride for any ride of your choice.  
    • Yes, you can use Extra Ticketed events like: Early Morning Magic, After Hours, Halloween, and Christmas Party events because these tickets are open to the general public for purchase.  They will be scored on a different board than the main challenges.
    • Yes, you may use pre-park opening breakfast reservation to enter the park early.
    • Yes, you may have a friend or family who is not a participating team member bring you water or food (please don’t have a heat stroke due to a fun challenge).
    • Yes, you may use Single Rider lines, but each person must provide a photo on the ride.
    • If a ride breaks down while you are on it, and you provided a photo on the actual ride,  the ride will count.
  • Please sign up at least by the day before your attempt!
  • Initial Lightning Lane access must be posted to Twitter using @RideEvery and the challenge hashtag one hour before first park opening
  • Same day LIghtning Lane pickups must be posted to Twitter using @RideEvery and the challenge hashtag. Please make sure that Fast Passes displays the individual’s name.
  • On-ride photos must be posted to Twitter using @RideEvery and using the proper challenge hashtag. We ask that photos are time stamped. All photos MUST be ON the actual ride.  In line photos will not count.  Main Street Vehicles need to be obvious enough, so taking the photo with the driver in the photo as you move up the street would be very helpful..
  • Attempts are scored based on the time stamp of your first picture and the time stamp of your final ride photo. Scores will be listed with a total ride count and a time duration.
  • If a question regarding a rule is not specifically addressed then it is up to the challenger to use his or her own judgement. Please ask for clarification if need be.  You may also ask @RideEveryHQ on Twitter for assistance.
  • Challenges will be scored within 24-72 hours after the attempt and we will post scores on our leader board

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is reserved for anyone who fully completes one of our challenges according to our stated rules.  It is a very difficult challenge and we offer recognition to those who can complete the challenge.  We rank the completions by the number of rides completed and then by total time it took to complete the challenge.

*Please note that failure to post a Lightning Lane screen shot or on-ride photo will result in forfeiture of the challenge

*We also realize that the ability to deceive or cheat exists and we hold all challengers accountable for their own actions based on the honor system.

Take a look at the THREE different challenges and decide which is best for you!

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