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Every Ride Challenge originally began with 3 men who wanted to have fun in the parks and raise as much money as possible for Give Kids the World Village as possible. It quickly spread to more than 20 teams power walking Walt Disney World to raise money for GKTW. We called it “Give Kids the Rides.” That meager beginning has allowed us to fund raise more than $3000,000 for this worthy charity and we’ve expanded our challenge offerings.

In 2020 the Disney Parks all closed due to the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic. When the parks re-opened, we were presented with a very different challenge environment. There were no Fastpasses, we had to book Park Reservations and were not allowed to Park Hop. Later Disney added back Park Hopping, but still requires you to remain in a single park until 2 PM. This makes our original “Every Ride Challenge” very difficult, if not impossible with current conditions.

We decided to pivot and allow guests to continue to enjoy park challenges and continue raising funds for children who need a week of HOPE. We created the Every Ride Points Challenge. The Points Challenge allows a guest to decide which rides they wish to attempt and provides points for each based on how difficult they are to access and how long they take. We offer additional bonus points for completing every ride in a park as well.

Here are our current Every Ride options:

Walt Disney World


Coast to Coast

This challenge is currently offered, but current park hopping rules make this even more difficult than it was previously, and it was really hard to complete then.

Do every ride in Disney Parks in a single day!

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