Using the right tools makes doing this very difficult challenge, a little simpler.  We encourage you to use the following tools.

  1. Theme Park Challenge app for Android or iPhone. (FREE)
    Get it on Google Play

    This app allows you to easily send your ride data over to twitter.  It was designed by Twitter user @monrailcoral specifically for recording data for this type of challenge.A. You can show when you acquire a Fastpass

    B. You can show when you board a ride

    C. You can show when you enter or exit a park
    D. You can show your progress at any time.HOW TO USE THEME PARK CHALLENGE APP
    1.  After downloading the app, you will need to login through your Twitter account.  If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you can get one for free.  It is required to attempt the Every Ride Challenge.2. From the menu on the upper right hand side, select “New Challenge,” (BE SURE TO DO IT ON THE DAY OF THE CHALLENGE) then select the version of the Every Ride Challenge that you interested in attempting.3. Click on the park you will begin with.  Before your run, upload your initial Fastpasses by clicking on each one that you have, then use the Twitter photo add button.  You’ll find that the application is very intuitive and simple to use, but you might want to practice before your actual attempt.

    4. When you are done with your challenge, click the Menu button and click “Finish Challenge”
  2. Auto Stamper for Android (FREE)