7/24 Give Kids the Rides Pledges


MKing7403 $1 a ride or $125 completion bonus per team
WilsonTownsend $100 completion bonus
VikkiMouse $1 for a picture of a Unicorn or Yarn $2 for both
VikkiMouse $5 for every galactic hero and $50 if you can get a double as one person
TWTMPodcast $3 donation Teams can choose to either find one of us in a Traveling With the Mouse shirt and post a picture OR the team can post a picture from Fort Langhorn
monorailcoral $2 per team that gets a selfie with monorail coral (the transportation vehicle not the app developer).
MikeNClt $25 to the team that captures a photo from KS w/ the most animals in 1 pic.
BoredCaitlin $1 for every challenger who films themselves singing We Are The Champions in front of Cinderella Castle at the end of the night.
DudesOfDisney $5 donation for each team that posts a video singing Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer” at the half way mark of the Every Ride Challenge (Afer Ride 23 or 24)
kayla_hines417 $5 per team that finds and takes a time stamp photo of the “hidden” Pascal statue in MK.
disneyinaday $1 for every team or individual who takes a video while getting hit in the face with the jumping fountains at Imagination. Not the simple up and down one. The one that goes planter to planter
SummersAtDisney $2 for each tier one FastPass redemption “sweep” at any park. Ex: AK-FOP and NRJ, HS-AS2, TSM, SDD, EP– FEA, TT, Soarin #GottaGetMoreFastpasses
Jimmy_Sweeney $5 for anybody on PeopleMover during a lights on situation on Buzz or Space
mrsjessicarusso Take a photo of your team enjoying an “Iconic” Disney snack in each park. $1 for every team that completes it.
mrsjessicarusso $1 for each team wearing a Mickey shirt the day of the challenge.
ScottKumka $10 if you complete the challenge and watch Voyage of the Little Mermaid stage show at HS
DisneyBerg $1 for a team sing-a-long at Carousel of Progress
CatiePfluke $5 for anyone that gets pixie dusted at  Sir Mickey’s shop (full video)
Morgansbest1 $5 for a video singing Imagination on Figment
Morgansbest1 $20 if you stop to play mini golf
Morgansbest1 $50 if you get a FOP FP and drop it before riding it later with or w/o a FP
Morgansbest1 $5 if you have to repeat any scene on COP
stevenamos $1 for each person who has a photo taken getting their very own hand print ceremony in front of the Chinese Theater on July 24th.
Mkayo44 $5 for a video of spinning while riding teacups or $5 for video of singing at least 2 lines of the Tiki room song in front of the Tiki room sign.
ToddlerOfTerror $5 a team when you pick up a FP and ride using Same Day Drop times. Use hashtag #TheDropFather
ToddlerOfTerror $1.01 for every person who wears an Every Ride Challenge shirt on 7/24.
ToddlerOfTerror $20 donation for every response I get to a “Dang Daddy”
ToddlerOfTerror $1.01 for every person who wears an Every Ride Challenge shirt on 7/24.
SoarinOverWDW $1 for a picture of a chubby unicorn while on safari
SoarinOverWDW $2 for a picture in the phone booth in UK pavilion
SoarinOverWDW $10 for attending frozen sing a long. Must show picture or video of getting snowed on.
SoarinOverWDW $2 while riding TTA, acknowledging it is the Best. Ride. Ever!!!
mika2013 Anyone who sees and takes a picture with me gets a $1 donation!
LopatAkitas $2 for team picture with any Disney dog. Doesn’t have to be live character.
brtaylor73 $2 for a video of all team members drinking a full cup (small cups provided) of Beverly
brtaylor73 $5 for all team members riding Kali River Rapids without a Poncho
brtaylor73 $5 for a date-time stamped picture of all team members with Frozone
brtaylor73 $3 for a date-time stamped picture of all team members at the very top of Swiss Family Tree House