2022 Group Challenge Gathering


We are so happy to announce that our next group meetup will take place on from Wednesday December 7 through Saturday, December 10, 2022! Regardless of which challenge you decide to participate in (#EveryRideWDW #EveryRide24 or #EveryRidePoints) we once again will be raising funds for Give Kids The World Village!

December 7 – Wednesday Challenge Day.

We expect Disney World to offer longer park hours with the Extended Evening Hours that are typically offered at the Magic Kingdom for Deluxe Hotel Guests. You’re not required to use them, but they are a great asset to the #EveryRideWDW and #EveryRide24 challenges.

December 8 – Scavenger Hunt Day

Take part in our first ever Every Ride Scavenger Hunt. We’ll have a number of fun clues across the 4 parks. You solve the clues and earn points by posting the correct corresponding photo.

December 9 – Volunteer Day

An important part of what we do is raise funds for Give Kids the World Village. We would love to have you take part in the Volunteer Day that we will offer. The volunteer spots will fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up soon to get your spot!

December 10 – Saturday Challenge Day

This date is great for those who cannot make the mid-week challenge or prefer to try our #EveryRidePoints challenge. You’ll compete against others for bragging rights and be placed on our Hall of Fame!

We do ask that everyone who decides to run please consider setting up their own donation page. To date the Every Ride Challenge has raised more than $280K for this great cause and we hope to continue to do our small part in making a difference. Everyone here at Every Ride hopes you will join us! Sign up today!

Sign up for your version of the challenge by completing the following fields. All are required.  We only allow ONE challenge per day per group.

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