What is the Every Ride Challenge?


The Every Ride Challenge is an attempt to see how quickly you can successfully complete all the rides/boats (not under official refurbishment) listed for the challenge you choose. There is also a points version to see how high you can score.  Currently there are Three different challenges in which you can participate:


We are so happy to announce that our next group run will take place on Saturday, December 11, 2021! This will be our first gathering since December 2019 and we cannot wait to see our veteran challengers as well as first timers out on the course. Regardless of which challenge you decide to participate in (#EveryRideWDW or #EveryRidePoints) we once again will be raising funds for Give Kids The World Village! We do ask that everyone who decides to run please consider setting up their own donation page. To date the EveryRide Challenge has raised more than $250K for this great cause and we hope to continue to do our small part in making a difference. Everyone here at EveryRide hopes you will join us! Sign up today!

How did this challenge start?

The idea behind the Every Ride Challenge came from a group of theme park challenge participants who wanted to promote Give Kids The World (GKTW) while providing families a challenge option they can tailor to their needs. 

In the Summer of 2018, with sponsor’s help, we created a challenge to benefit GKTW. We called this Give Kids the Rides.”  In only a few months, Give Kids the Rides nearly raised $60,000 for this worthy cause in 2018.  From that challenge, we decided to create an ongoing challenge that is fun and benefits a greater cause. The challenge has helped raise over $200,000 to date.

We often hear comments like “That sounds like too much work during vacation”, “I’d love to try it but it’s a family vacation, “My 3 year old can’t ride all the rides”, “My teen would never set foot on Dumbo” and “I wish there was a challenge we could do as a family”. So, we decided to create the Every Ride Points version, a fun, family-friendly and yet still competitive way to challenge one’s Disney World knowledge and stamina.   Choose the option that is best for you and you might make our Hall of Fame!

Please note: Participation in this challenge is free of any fee but we support the efforts of GKTW and their volunteers. We will do an Annual Give Kids the Rides fundraising campaign and encourage people to donate and volunteer at the Village.

Check out the overall challenge RULES.

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